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building waterproofing material

Polyethylene polypropylene polymer waterproof membrane

self adhesive roofing waterproof membrane

Short description:

Polyethylene polypropylene polymer waterproof membrane is mainly polypropylene non-woven fabric and polyethylene as the main raw material, by adding the host improves the performance of a reinforced protective layer, anti-aging layer, waterproof layer, and sticky enhanced layer of four layers of sheet material as one of the conformity of waterproof rolling material.

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Product Details

Polyethylene polypropylene polymer waterproof membrane belongs to the polymer waterproofing materials series. Besides, completely all the advantages of the synthesis of polymer coil, its most prominent characteristic is the surface mesh structure, making it have the use its own unique performance, cement bonding. Due to that the high polymer compound coil can be directly in the process of solidification with cement material adhesive, so can design in the structure of the cement materials directly. The surface is polypropylene non-woven fabrics, through with the composite core layer, solves the large polyethylene linear expansion coefficient and increases the roughness on the surface of the product. And also it improves the product friction coefficient and the compound coil bonding problem is resolved, cement bonding realizing.

Polyethylene Polypropylene Polymer Waterproof Membrane

The Main Features of Polyethylene polypropylene waterproof membrane:

•Anti-aging, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance

•Non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution

•Firm adhesion, no empty drum, no falling off

•Strong tensile strength, penetration resistance

• low-temperature flexibility and convenient for construction in winter

• low expansion coefficient & deformation adaptability

• Cement paste as adhesive, bonding permanent firm

The specification of Polyethylene polypropylene polymer waterproof membrane 

Product namepolyethylene polypropylene polymer waterproof membrane
Width1.15m, 1.2m
MaterialUpper and lower polypropylene cloth, PE film in the middle
Colorvarious color
Polyethylene Polypropylene Waterproofing Membrane installation

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