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How to choose the best waterproofing materials for your roofing?

How to choose the waterproofing materials for your roofing? There are some tips. What are the tips for choosing waterproof materials? SINOMTC will answer you one by one as below:

  1. Select waterproof materials have to be according to climatic and regional conditions
how to choose the right waterproofing for your roofing

When purchasing waterproof materials, you need to choose according to the local conditions. The weather in the north is cold and rainy and snowy, so you can choose polymer materials that are resistant to low-temperature shrinkage. In the south, there is usually more rain, so waterproof materials with excellent water resistance should be selected.

  1. Choose waterproof materials with excellent environmental performance
eco-friendly waterproofing material for the roofing

Waterproof construction is a concealed project. It is difficult to rectify after construction. If the waterproof coating with poor environmental protection is selected, it will pollute the indoor floor. Therefore, waterproof materials with excellent environmental protection performance should be selected to create a healthy and environmental protection furniture space.

  1. Choose a good brand
sinomtc waterproof material series

In the building materials market, there are many brands of waterproof materials. When purchasing, consumers should try to buy from well-known brand stores. This will not only guarantee quality but also provide good after-sales service, which will save consumers a lot of trouble.

SINOMTC Waterproof was founded in 2002 and now develops into a professional waterproof systems provider integrating R & D, production and sales, and construction serves as well as a modern assembly building industry base and a leader in China’s waterproof industry. Our company, which has been an active player in the China construction waterproof material market for more than 20 years and continues its business activities as SINOMTC building waterproofing, is preparing to enter the global market with its highly sought-after premium quality products. The company, whose main product portfolio contains construction chemicals and bitumen-based membrane products, added waterproof underlayment products to its product range in 2015, uniting all the construction market requirements under our brand. SINOMTC enriches its customers with a wide array of unique and innovative products ranging from basic construction materials through customized products to system solutions under 20 different product groups containing up to 60 products.

The primary business focus of SINOMTC, which has set out on this path to “Change the Chemistry of the Building”, is to provide top-quality service to more than 1000 customers in more than 55 countries, respond quickly and rapidly to customer demands, and add value to its customers with tailored pre and after-sales services. Investing in Research and Development activities conducted in a 22.500 m² production facility in Hangzhou, China, and providing valuable technical support to its customers, SINOMTC stands out as a pioneering construction company that adds value to the Chinese and Global Construction Industry.

Our mission is to become a global, eminent, and highly-valued brand that provides the most efficient construction solutions for a waterproofing system.

Understanding the needs of the customers, providing quick, reliable, quality, and environmentally friendly service, and creating and leading a green future!

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