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building waterproofing material

PVC waterproof membrane

PVC waterproof membrane

Short description:

Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) waterproofing Membrane Product advantage: Mixing automation. This mixture adopts automatic temperature control, automatic control of time, automatic feeding control; Using twin-screw extrusion equipment co-extrusion, screw temperature using computer automatic temperature…

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Product Details

Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) waterproofing Membrane

PVC waterproofing is one of the Polymer-based waterproofing products. PVC waterproofing membrane consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the primary material, also with plasticizer, stabilizer, antioxidant, anti-aging, and UV absorber additives. The PVC waterproofing membrane is a high-performance polymer waterproofing membrane, with PVC resin as the primary raw material, adding plasticizer, anti-aging agent, stabilizer, and other processing aids to produce a new high-quality waterproof roll material.

PVC sheet membrane includes non-exposed and exposed. PVC sheet membrane has different backing layers, H (glossy surface), L (fabric surface), and P (reinforced). PVC sheet for waterproofing size has 3mm and 4mm or OEM, color can be OEM as well.

PVC waterproofing membrane type

Specification of PVC waterproof membrane

Product Namepolyvinyl chloride pvc roofing rolls waterproof membrane
Thickness1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm 4.0mm and customized
Width1M, 2M, and customized
CertificateCE, ISO
Packingwoven bag, pallets
Reinforcementpolyester fiber mesh
Colorwhite, grey, black, green, blue, and so on
Featurecheap, fireproof, long service life,
Toolhot-air welding machine
Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) waterproofing Membrane

Technical Datasheet for PVC waterproof membrane

No.Item Index  
1The thickness of resin on reinforcement(mm)≥ 0.4
2Tensile strengthMax tension strength(N/cm)≥120250
  Tensile strength(Mpa)≥10
  Elongation at Max.tension(%)≥15
  Elongayion at break (%)≥200150
3Dimensional change rate after heat treatment(%)≤ 210.5
4Low-temperature bending -25℃ no crack  
5Water tightness 0.3Mpa, 2H, impervious  
6Resistance to impact 0.5kg·m, no leakage 

Main Applications of PVC waterproof membrane

Light metal roofing, Tunnels, Bridges, Wasteyard, Artificial lake, and Other available projects

Product advantages of PVC waterproof membrane:

Mixing automation. This mixture adopts automatic temperature control, automatic control of time, automatic feeding control;
Using twin-screw extrusion equipment co-extrusion, screw temperature using computer automatic temperature control system;
The machine adopts a width of 2.1 meters of die extrusion equipment greatly;
The three rollers tolling device precision equipment, the system adopts automatic greatly;
The three rolling device precision equipment, the system adopts automatic distance;

Strong tensile strength, high elongation, and good dimensional stability after heat treatment.
Excellent flexibility at low temperatures, and excellent resistance to low and high temperatures.
Excellent resistance to impact and perforation.
Excellent resistance to chemical etching.
Fireproof: the membrane extinguishes immediately after being away from the fire source.
Easy and fast construction without pollution.
Excellent resistance to aging, and long service life.
Service life: more than 20 years as roof waterproof material, more than 50 years if used in underground waterproofing.
Repair project: Repair the damaged place only and reduce the repair cost.
Various colors are available.

Product instruction of PVC waterproof membrane

The polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) waterproofing volume material is one performance outstanding high quality, joins processing assistants and so on plasticizer, anti-ultraviolet ray medicinal preparation, anti-aged medicinal preparation, stabilizer after the PVC resin, through squeezes out the law production formation the high polymer waterproofing volume material.

Because this product has used a unique formula, the product life has far exceeded the general waterproofing material, the entire waterproofing system life is long, the roofing surpasses 30 years, underground surpasses 50 years, and in construction, civil engineering obtains widespread application.

EXCAIDTM is one kind of thermos plastic PVC waterproofing material, this volume material takes the stiffener by the polyester fiber fabric, through special squeezes out the craft, causing the two-sided igelite levels and the middle polyester stiffener to unify the high polymer volume material which into a body forms.

The formula advanced igelite level and network structure’s polyester fiber fabric unifies, enabling the volume material to have extremely good size stability and a low thermal expansion coefficient.

The promotion volume material exposes directly in the natural environment the long-term performance, and simultaneously, curls the material surface layer unique coating to enable the volume material to have a clean function, preventing in the air the dust and the pollutant colors in the volume material.


Standard width 2.05m, thickness 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm, standard length

Colors can be White, Black, Yellow, or OEM.

Product characteristic:

*The service life is long, bears aged, the roofing is possible to use above 20 years, underground may reach 50 year time.

*Longitudinal strength is high, and the heat treatment size change is small.

*Low-temperature flexibility is good, and the adaptation to ambient temperature mobility is good.

*Bears the root system permeability to be good, which may make the planter roofing.

*Anti-perforating and impact resistance are good.

*Constructs, the wide breadth to join, the guest conveniently to weld reliably few, reliable, and does not have the pollution.

*Bears chemistry corrosiveness strongly, to be suitable for the special situation.

*Has good plasticity, the comer detail processing convenience is quick.

*Services are convenient, and the cost is inexpensive.

*The validation of artificial after 2000 hours.

Product classification:

*N1—no compound level appears externally on the waterproofing material. (mainly applies in appears externally roofing waterproofing detail processing)

*N2—not compound level must appear externally on the waterproofing material. (mainly applies in must appears external waterproof detail processing)

*L1—textile fiber one-side compound to appear externally as the waterproofing material. (mainly applies in appears external roofing waterproof layer considerable surface use)

*L2—textile fiber one-side compound must appear externally on the waterproofing material. (mainly used in must appearing externally waterproof layer considerable surface use) in

*W1—fabric to strengthen appears externally as the waterproofing material. (primarily applies in exposition roofing waterproofing) in

*W2—fabric strength must appear externally on the waterproofing material. (mainly applies in the non-exposition waterproof layer)

Applicable scope:

Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) waterproof volume material, because has used a unique product formula, the beginning product’s life has far exceeded the general waterproofing material, curls the material the outstanding performance to cause it widely applied in waterproofing each domain.

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