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building waterproofing material

two-part cementitious waterproof coating

self adhesive roofing waterproof membrane

Short description:

Two part Cementitious waterproof coating

Packing: 20kg/pail or customized

Colors: blue, white, red, gray, black, etc.

Application: Flooring and walls of kitchen waterproofing, bathrooms waterproofing, balconies waterproofing, water pools waterproofing and external walls, etc

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Product Details

SINOMTC is one of the largest China manufacturers and suppliers of building waterproofing materials.

SINOMTC’s two-part cementitious waterproof coating is universally applied and has two components, thixotropic, cementitious modified polymer coating which is made of high polymer powders and nanoemulsion. This coating provides high adhesion to concrete floors, walls, balconies and steel and etc. This coating provides protection from the effects of aggressive acid gases, moisture, and chlorides and also resists chemical attacks on the concrete or other substrates. This coating forms a highly elastic hard and alkaline coating on the substrate. The cementitious coating protects concrete in sulfate-contaminated ground conditions.

Product Feature

1. Cementitious waterproofing coating in two parts with the polymer powder and nano liquid.

2. Solvent free Non-toxic and tasteless as a result it can be applied to direct drinking water projects like various reservoirs

3. It is easy to mix and construct, and is the best waterproof material for toilet, kitchen, and bathroom walls and floors.

4. The coating can form complete, seamless, and flexible waterproof layers, which is suitable for irregular base floors and complicated waterproof engineering of pipelines.

5. Excellent adhesion performance and it can be pasted to ceramic tile, stone, marble, etc. for waterproofing.

Application range

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor waterproofing projects such as kitchen waterproofing, bathrooms waterproofing, balconies waterproofing, water pools waterproofing, and external walls waterproofing. It can also be used for underground waterproofing projects such as basements, underground garages, air-raid shelters, underground tunnels, and subway culverts.

Application methods

1. Mix the coating in certain quantities. Ingredients mixing ratio: Emulsion liquid: Polymer powder = 1: 1 or 2:1.

2. Base treatment: the base should be smooth, solid, clean, and free of oil stains; and the angles, corners, and pipe parts should be treated according to the design requirements.

3. Application: Generally 2~3 layers brushed, roller or spray;

4. The brush interval of 2~4 hours, and the coating thickness is 0.4mm~0.6mm.

If the bottom layer is in a wet state for a long time, the brush interval can be 4-8 hours, and it does not need to be completely dried before the next layer of construction.
The two layers are recommended to be brushed in crossed brushing to achieve the best covering effect and careful inspection shall be conducted.

Dosage recommended

Generally, 2~3 layers of brushed, roller, or spray allied with coating consumption of 1.5-2.5 kg/m²

Packaging, storage, and transportation

This product is packaged in airtight barrels or pails, the storage temperature should not be lower than 0℃, and the storage period is more than nine months.

This product is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and can be transported as ordinary goods.

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