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building waterproofing material

Polymer Bituminous Waterproof Coating

self adhesive roofing waterproof membrane

Short description:

Polymer Bituminous Waterproof Coating

Packing: 20kg/pail or customized

Colors: blue, white, red, gray, black, etc.

It can be directly applied to wet or dry masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, various moisture-retaining layers, and waterproof layers. It is applicable to bridges, highways, tunnels, reservoirs, seismic loads sports fields and etc.

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Product Details

SINOMTC is one of the largest China manufacturers and suppliers of building waterproofing materials.

SINOMTC Polymer Modified Bituminous Waterproof Coating (Bituminous Coating) is suitable for Road and Bridge which uses a variety of rubbers to modify the bitumen. The rubber in the modified bitumen forms a continuous mesh that interpenetrates and cross-links each other by giving the modified bitumen a high polymer performance.

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Products Feature

1. High heat resistance and good elasticity. It will not melt at high temperatures and keep the membrane intact between 140°C and 160°C because of the special formulas and processes. Its original characteristics will remain unchanged and withstand the deformation requirements of the base under vibration load.

2. High bonding strength and excellent shear resistance. The product is a cationic bituminous waterproof coating, and the bonding of the base layer concrete is not solely based on its adhesiveness, but also on the adsorption of cations and cations on one another. This can avoid the road surface displacement caused by the rigid waterproofing and also prevent the asphalting of the asphalt. When the waterproof layer is destroyed, it can effectively transmit traffic shear stress.

3. Good weather adaptability. This product is rubber-modified bitumen, its low-temperature flexibility and extensibility are also consistent with rubber properties, but adjust the formula so that it does not crack, rupture, or elongation at -10 °C to -40 °C, the extension performance can be greater than 600% It can adapt to the requirements of the construction standards in northern cold regions.

4. Environmental friendly. The product is a water-based waterproof coating, odorless, non-toxic, non-polluting, cold film coating construction, construction process is simple and quick, spraying or brushing can be, for all kinds of irregular surface profiles can guarantee construction quality.

Application Scope 

This product can be directly applied to wet or dry masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, various moisture-retaining layers, and waterproof layers. It is applicable to bridges, highways, tunnels, reservoirs, seismic loads sports fields and etc.

Working Advices

1. Reasonable working temperature is 0°C ~ 35°C.

2. Staff steps or driving vehicles should be avoided before the plane is dry or asphalt is laid.

3. The waterproof layer must be dry before asphalting.

Transportation & storage

1. The product is sealed and packaged in plastic barrels or iron drums with inner packaging in plastic bags, and placed in a clean, ventilated, dry, non-sunlit special warehouse. The storage temperature is 5-40°C. Under normal circumstances, it can reach six months. The storage period. If the storage period exceeds, it can be re-inspected according to national testing standards. After re-qualification, it can still be used.

2. Avoid collision, extrusion, rain, and freezing during storage and transportation and ensure intact packaging.

sinomtc waterproof material series

SINOMTC is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of a range of construction waterproof materials and chemicals including waterproof membranes like bitumen waterproof membranes (APP membrane, SBS membrane, self-adhesive bituminous membrane), and high polymer waterproof membranes (PVC membrane, HDPE membrane, etc.) waterproof coating like silicone roof coating, acrylic multi-purpose waterproofing coating, polyurethane waterproofing coating, bituminous coating, etc., as well as silicone sealant polyurethane sealant and many other construction materials, sealing and bonding materials.

It was also awarded the grade A construction qualification for professional construction and contracting of waterproof works, sealing construction projects, anti-corrosion construction, and thermal insulation engineering project of China’s national civil and engineering construction. The materials we supplied for the project included high-speed rail, metro & subways, highways, expressway roads and bridges, tunnels, airports, and civil engineering projects, real estate and etc.

Well-experienced for 20 years, we have established global trade in building waterproof materials for commercial and residential use in over 70 regions. Simply put, we make and sell realistic waterproof material. Our goal is to supply customers with quality resilient waterproofing products and make trading with China as easy as possible. Our core principle is integration in our customer services and business solutions. That’s the reason our training budget supersedes our marketing budget. Our upskilled team will assist you throughout your business decision.

What leads to the development of SINOMTC is the constant improvement of technology and service. With the mission of creating a green future, we have always decided to become a century-old brand. Adhering to the corporate values of Integrity, Grateful, Supportive, and Responsible, join together we will create a glorious future with our dreams and hopes.

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